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Alternative dispute resolution – activate the ART platform
News 2447 (April 3) - Reference is made to what was previously communicated (most recently, see Anav news 3.6.2023) to report that the «ConciliaWeb», the telematic tool adopted by the Authority for the non-judicial resolution of disputes between users and economic operators of transport services (see Anav circular 50/2023). The Rules of ADR procedures adopted by ART provide, in fact, that, before turning to the judge, it will be necessary to attempt conciliation before the ART "Conciliation Service", or, alternatively, before the Chambers of Commerce adhering to the ART-Unioncamere Convention, or other ADR body pursuant to the Consumer Code. For the bus transport sector, the possibility remains for the user to submit second-instance complaints to the Authority, for the purpose of exercising its sanctioning powers for violations by carriers of the Community Regulation on the protection of human rights . Accreditation to the «ConciliaWeb» platform by economic operators in the sector and consumer associations is in progress. Finally, we point out the email address made available to the ART where requests for clarification on the functioning of the platform and assistance can be made ( For more information, consult the ART conciliation service section.